[ART] Cut to Ribbons

Watchmen. Rorschach/Dress. PG.

This one is dedicated to Warren Ellis and the fanboys at io9, most of whom couldn’t imagine why I would want to see Rorschach hooking up with Dan or why I didn’t want to draw the canon queers. People who follow my other art blog know that I am drawing the canon queers, but risking disappointment, I have put aside my Silhouette image and my HJ/CM long enough to draw this, which I imagine is actually the most plausible Rorschach ship, although, like the potential of Rorschach/Dan, never consummated in canon. Dear fanboys, please wait with an extra level of excitement for the Avengers movie, at which point I will probably finally get around to drawing Thor naked. :3

12 thoughts on “[ART] Cut to Ribbons

  1. piratehatter

    I’m not gonna lie. I lol’d. And it’s strangely turning me on. Wtf self. Wtf.

    May I post to Watchmen_lulz over at LiveJournal?

  2. Pond Post author

    :3 I consider this step one in trying to actively draw full standing poses. Also more guys in dresses, cause that’s something I’ve been slacking on.

  3. Jessi

    I would most definitely like to see that. The world needs more guys in dresses. Beautiful job on the knees.

  4. Nite_Owl

    “Other art blog”?? Where?! :o

    Also, I love the heels and the emotion in this piece. He already looks so lusty and yet self-loathing in the way he stands and looks down. Love it!

  5. Pond Post author

    I almost wish I had put a more tormented look on his face, but I figure I’ll save that for the next time, as it’s totally something I can’t get out of my head.

    I have an account at InsaneJournal [ponderosa121.insanejournal.com] and now also at Dreamwidth [ponderosa.dreamwidth.org]. All the art and fic posted here is posted there at the same time, but aside from fanworks it also has all the random chatter and rl stuff. I’m also more likely to post sketches and unfinished things there, although until summer rolls around I’m not as productive nor chatty as I used to be.

  6. Pond Post author

    Clearly I need to figure out which characters in my current fandoms would plausibly be transvestites. Fact-finding mission, go!

  7. Pervie Priestess 69

    This is sheer genius! Big ups to those mary janes!! In the words of Tim Gunn you “Made it work!” I’d totally vote for this dress on Project Runway!! Hahaha! This is some great Shenanigans!

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