7 thoughts on “[ART] Duo/Heero – Reminisce!

  1. Rueroux

    Oh god, this was my first ship. My *very first*, from 13 years ago. Heero and Duo and the other G-boys got me through junior high and most of high school. It is so incredibly nostalgic seeing them now. <3

    You're getting a whole lot of love from this corner.

  2. Coo

    Lovely! nostalgic, indeed. 13 years for me too….mindblowing. My 15 year-old self is melting at this picture.

  3. Cass

    Wow. What a throw back! I haven’t watched GW in over a decade now. I loved that show. Obsessed with it. Got me into fanfiction. Got me into slash. <3 Long live Heero/Duo!

  4. AVD

    I have been sifting around the fandoms I loved and grew up with and was wracking my brain because I remembered your work vividly. I am so glad I found your site again!

    I just wanted to send a note along. I have followed you for YEARS and it’s amazing to see some of your older work, and I love to see the updates.

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