11 thoughts on “[ART] Fade Out

  1. Nite_Owl

    Wow :o This is one pairing I’ve never thought of, but suddenly makes sense. NEED MORE WATCHMEN PLEASE! :D

    (also, my screenname is entirely coincidental :P)

  2. mr_incompetence

    Absolutely stunning.

    Know that your recent Watchmen works send fap-happy shockwaves reverberating through 4chan’s /co/ (comics and cartoons) board, despite its largely hetero userbase, on an almost daily basis.

    Maybe grace us with something R-rated in the near future?

  3. Pond Post author

    Eee thank you! As my giddy excitement over the impending release is at an all-time high, I’ll definitely have more Watchmen art up soon. I’ve got a new Marvel piece to be finished first, but after that, there will definitely, /definitely/ be more Watchmen. I promise to aim for porn! :D

  4. Mixerdoll

    I love it. The more times I read the ending the more I’m convinced that Ozy had a thing for the Comedian. Thank-you for this.

  5. keajoaq

    I was speechless for a good few minutes. I love this pairing and it is so hard to find!

    You are my favorite person.

  6. Eillis and Alicon

    Good lord… If we had the stones Ali and I would parade around school with this silk-screened onto our shirts.

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