9 thoughts on “[ART] Get a Grip – NSFW

  1. Shelby

    I’ve always thought of something finally erupting between them. :/
    Thankfully I’m not the only one! I think they are lovely together.

  2. Tahalia

    OMGosh!! Finally some worthyness of DakenxWolverine!!
    Though Sniktcest, still awesome, hehe.
    They are so sweet together; the whole roughness of their love……gah! <3
    Sweet artwork, love your stuff.

  3. Kosh

    Sniktcest – not heard this reference before – but glad I have. Nice and intense look between the two.


  4. Mr.Z

    I love this! Daken is so cool but Sabretooth is better. I’m okay if they are together. I hope one day you will back to draw them again, Wolverine, Sabretooth and Daken.

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