One thought on “[ART] Grimmjow

  1. Pervie Priestess

    Yes, Damn! This is my babydaddy! i LOVE Grimmkitty! Hey If I might be so bold as to ask, if you ever find yourself looking for a Bleach subject to draw here’s an idea for you:

    – GrimmIchi
    – Grimmjow will be in his Adjunctas (white cat) form.
    – Ichigo would be sleep kinda curled up sleeping on Grimmjow side.
    – Either with no top on or top open.
    – Grimmjow is curled around Ichigo protecting him.
    – His tongue likes… a cheek, a nipple, whatever. It’s up to you!

    My friend awhile back did a story about him giving Shunsui a tongue bath and I’ve been hooked on his tongue ever since!

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