7 thoughts on “[ART] It is Probable

  1. Jen

    LOL, when my friend a I went to go see this, all we saw throughout the entire thing was under tension of slash. Lovely as always hon, love the art nouveau look of it! ^_\\

  2. Tahalia

    Thank you so much for this!! I knew at some point there would be art of Sherlock Holmes on your website! <3
    I think any Yaoi fan could see the sexual tension in this movie, can’t wait to see fics or more art of these two.
    Hopefully some ones under the rating “M” xD

    Thanks!!! Love the work!

  3. June


    I saw this movie on Christmas, and I have been stalking this page ever since. I knew you were going to post something. I just knew.

    And now I am incredibly happy.

  4. feyuca

    Haha when I read the title I originally though it said “It Is Profitable.” Oh yes, homoerotic tension between two well-dressed guys can be quite profitable. Love the art nouveau style!

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