[ART] Jayne – Twenty minute study

Jayne – Fifteen minute study
Firefly. Jayne. G.

Side by side reference again. Two versions this time though, and both modified slightly in ways that are not just adding neck/top of the head. Twenty minutes for the first, another ten or so fucking around with the second.

thumbnail of jayne art

fanart of jayne referenced off a still from serenity

fanart of jayne referenced off a still from serenity

3 thoughts on “[ART] Jayne – Twenty minute study

  1. Angie

    Are these from stills that you’re looking at and drawing or do you draw from memory or something in the middle?

  2. Pond Post author

    This and the other short studies done around the same time were from stills. I’ll have the frame open next to my drawing and do a side-by-side. Like most artists, the majority of images I do use reference of some sort. Sometimes I start from a particularly inspiring pose and modify it to my liking, or if it’s something I draw from my imagination, I’ll either use myself to get angles right (on hands particularly) or ask one of my housemates to stand there for a second while I figure out how their head would tilt. :)

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