13 thoughts on “[ART] Liberties

  1. Nurse McStabby

    Love – this is wonderful. Walter and Dan belong with one another, really, they do… It’s one of my favourite Watchmen pairings. Splendid job.


  2. Kari

    Ahh Ponderosa, I discovered your wonderful pairing works back when I first saw FMA, and this is just fantastic.

    Moar of this paring please? :D

  3. Ja9

    omg i haven’t checked out your website in so long and I come back to this awesome-ness?! why have i been away for so long? i <3 Rorschach. and i love this picture. and i shall never stray from this site again.

  4. Eillis

    I saw this picture, I read the fic, and well, to put it bluntly I turned into a pile of Eilli goo. This is so beautiful. It makes my heart swell.

  5. radishface

    There’s a good sense of movement in this picture– is it the brush you used? The horizontal effect makes it seem almost hesitant, giving this moment between them a shaky, uncertain effect. Which is to say, the complexity really suits the two of them. LOVE it.

  6. Sophia

    Man. I found this site a while ago and I love it all so much… More Rorschach? He’s so fucking hot.

  7. Mercurial Georgia

    If only it was shown on panel, lalalalala.

    I mean, the handholding, the homosexual targeted perfume, and Dan’s comment about coming out of the closet.

    Somebody said that homosexuality don’t work that way, with the perfume, well, /bisexuality/ does, I think it’s been discussed before that Angelina Jolie’s looks has the greatest appeal towards a bisexual audience. I totally read Dan as a bisexual.

    I love Dan’s expression and the way he’s holding Walter’s face, savouring liberties indeed.

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