10 thoughts on “[ART] Moments Pause

  1. Doomflower

    Oh!! A new Rufus/reno pic!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! It’s beautiful ^_^ I’m currently trapped in Arc: TotS Kharg/darc land again, but will always have space or Reno :-) the colours are beautiful and I especially love Reno’s hair in this one…I’m home from work recovering from tonsilitus at the moment and you have just really made my day ^_^

  2. Pond Post author

    :D It’s been so long since I drew them. I really missed them. That’s always the problem when one is so multifandom!

  3. Pond Post author

    <3 I'm so happy it lifted your spirits a bit! Hope you're feeling better now. I'm so terribly multifandom that I often am working on so many different things without ever having gotten a pairing out of my system, and oh, how I still love them.

  4. Anshin

    I gasped when I saw the preview for this one. I haven’t checked your site in a while, and I missed you posting more FF7 art! I’ve always loved your Turks/Shinra artwork. This made me so happy.

    Especially the grin on Reno’s face. XD

    This is gorgeous. I’m envious of your background skills.

  5. sekramage

    I really like what you did with the Koi in pond here. Your artwork is always so detailed, clearly Rufus and Reno are the focal point, but you don’t use that as an excuse to half-ass the background.

    You could have just as easily left the pond empty, but you put the little fish in, staring right at Rufus’ feet like he’s thinking about nibbling on his toes or something like that.

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