[ART] Over the River

Over the River
Supernatural. Sam&Dean. G.

Done for my perspective class. The assignment was primarily atmospheric perspective, but I also had to plot out all the shadows.

thumbnail of sam art

fanart of sam and dean in a old cemetary

8 thoughts on “[ART] Over the River

  1. Ann

    I have been haunted by this picture (SPN – “Over the River”) ever since I first saw it. I’ve never seen a piece of artwork that tempted me to learn how to make a LiveJournel banner until seeing this, and I thought I’d get over the impulse but it’s still nudging me.

    Do you allow others to make use of your work, if it’s properly credited? (If not, I completely understand. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.)

  2. Pond Post author

    Aw man, thank you! It’s a rare picture that I look at months later and am
    still pleased with, and this is one of them.

    All my fanworks are licensed Creative Commons (Attribution,
    Non-commercial, Share-alike) which means you can do anything you’d like
    with them such as make derivative art/fiction, or distribute it, provided
    that a) credit is given, b) the results aren’t used for profit, and c)
    that the same license applies to your work (that way, the sharing can just
    go on!)

    Thanks for asking. ^_^

  3. Nrrrdy Grrrl

    This is just lovely. Your composition is so simple and elegant and the color scheme is also. I love how your use of the tree line for perspective evokes the look and feel of mist, solidifying the spooky mood of the over-all work. So well thought-out, not a single inch of the page is wasted.

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  5. gypseygirl

    excellent work!! would you please draw something Merlin/Arthur? the BBC new drama in year 2008.

  6. HIrakira

    It’s so amazing how well you do the silhouettes. It’s so clear that these are Dean and Sam in the earlier seasons. Did anyone in your perspective class recognize them?

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