7 thoughts on “[ART] Runaway Wind – commission

  1. Lee

    Though I’m not a fan of this pairing, I love this picture. The colors are so different from your Batman ones; vibrant and sharp and bright! I’m particularly enamored with their hair.

    Seriously, this looks like it came right out of the manga (um, except better lolz). Their expressions are so PERFECT~!


  2. alamony

    Nice work :3

    You’ve captured the competitive nature of the characters. It reminds me a lot of when they first met

  3. Arwen

    Ishida’s nose looks a little funny, and I’m not really a fan of the yaoi pairings, but you did a great job with this piece!

  4. katherina

    The fire between the characters is perfect. I also like Ishida’s tie-loosened, shirt-opened look :)

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