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  1. Lee Russell

    Holy shit. Like, this is. This is. THIS JUST IS. It’s gorgeous, it’s sexy, it’s amazing, it would totally go on my desktop if I was a braver person. Honest to God, I don’t even LIKE the idea of Two-Face and the Joker, but this is just incredible, and I can’t stop staring at it, BECAUSE THE JOKER’S EYES ARE SO SLEEPY AND LAZY AND FUCKING SEDUCTIVE, and Christ, but the unzippered nurse’s outfit, and Two-Face’s grin, and his wandering hand, AND I FEEL LIKE I KNOW THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE NOW. Seriously, I’m not much of a OMGCAPSLOCKOMG person, but this picture DEMANDS it.

    I’m in love with you, and I really, really, really hope that you continue to be inspired to draw such fangasmic pictures <3333333

    …Though, I must admit that I resent the fact that the Joker has nicer legs than I do, and I’m the one with the vagina D:<

  2. Anshin

    That is a really fantastic composition. I love the back-to-back pose, the way they’re looking at each other, the way Two-Face is running his hand down J’s leg–and maybe I’m weird, but J’s hands on his collar and his mask are what really kill me.

    Holy christ, I love your Batman fanart. It makes me exceedingly happy.

  3. Patricia

    Holy mother of eroticism o_O You are my new religion, damn, I would have never thought about such a thing. Incredible composition of style and color, not to forget Dent and the Joker – genius.

  4. Goldenrodfairy

    Unreasonably hot, of course, but I’d like to say that it’s interesting to see not-really-Aaron-Ekhart and not-really-Heath-Ledger versions of them. Either way would have been awesome, but it’s cool to see a different style on it.

    (Also: oh god Two-Face’s hand… I think you gave me a hand fetish. Honestly. It’s all them latex gloves’ fault.)

  5. Skittles-Chan

    Omg that made me so getty lol. I think it made me have a nose bleed! ^^’ Keep up the good art. <<<3

  6. Ariana

    FUCK. YES.
    Your Joker/Harvey stuff is always so amazing.
    You’re the reason I love Nurse Joker all the more x3

  7. Kristina

    Hey question! If you don’t already have one…can I be your official stalker? PLEASE?!
    lol I’ll be sure to do a goodmagnificent job.

  8. Lapis

    I saw this on a GIF (and it was so small), and was, like, “WHERE DID THIS COME FROM!?!?” and YAY!
    I am so happy it’s your art, because I obviously LOVE your art. <3
    This is so fucking awesome. =D

  9. Sav

    I just want to let you know that I’ve looked through almost all of your art…
    And this is by far the most amazing.
    I screamed. Literally. Out loud.


  10. mistress_kabuki

    Oh God, this is the first picture of your I’ve ever seen but now I’m completely sold! TDK!Joker is my new obsession. I loved him as a girl but now all that love is rekindled in this new, scruffy, awesome version of him. The old Joker is just too clean for me now. And Joker/Harvey is my TDK OTP now, no question. This is going on my desktop. I hope you don’t mind me stalking your art now. XD

  11. June

    When I first saw this, I was like, “Nice!”

    Then, when I scrolled down to the Joker’s legs, I was like, “WOAH! NIIIIIICE!”

    Oh, and I like how this piece is more comic-like than the other ones. Thank you for drawing, update soon.

  12. Kaori_Maxwell

    Okay, so after years of lurking and watching, with this new fandom I will finally break my silence, concerning your art: You are a genious. I love your drawings, you’ve steadily gotten better over the years and you always manage to surprise me still – thank you!

    Concerning this particular picture: Help? This is gorgeous!! My friends mostly look at me with a slightly nervous air, when I mention this particular pairing but it’s somehow so absolutely right in it’s wrongness *snicker*

    On the whole: thank you so much, you’ve brightened my day!!

  13. Nanner

    Ah, just beautiful, as always. you make me so jealous ^^ your drawings actually look like the people! astonding!

    i wonder… are you eventually going to throw Scarecrow in there? someday? mayhaps?

  14. Siobhán

    um, this is amazing. i was looking for some of your hp art and stumbled upon this, and wow. it is ridiculously hot, i love it. i immediately went and looked at the rest of your batman stuff and it is all as awesome, i can’t believe it never occurred to me before that there must be joker fanart out there! i am very slow sometimes.

    this one is now gracing my desktop, though. it’s brilliant! :D i have no idea what my boyfriend is going to say when he sees it, though… :D

  15. The_Oke

    Hm, now I finally know how the Joker got that scars – he was looking at something like this, and the grin split his face in half XD!
    Way to go Joker! YAY!

  16. Almost_Famous

    Wow. This is ridiculously hot. I read in another comment that you also did some of the pre-TDK joker too, are these posted anywhere? I would be soooooooo happy if you could send me a link to those if they are online somewhere. Keep it up, this is probably the BEST fanart I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  17. Lauryn

    OMG are you talking about that one where Eckhart (I think it was in The Core) holds up that picture and I think he’s mouthing ‘WHUT IS THIS?!1’ or something? LOL I love that!

  18. Vanessa

    …Never totally loved this pairing but… I have to agree. They do a sexy pair.
    …Love the pink underwear.

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