3 thoughts on “[ART] What You Let Me Do

  1. Iggy

    Oh. Oh I -like- you. XD

    Not only have you done some of my favorite pairings, but now this~! I’ve seen so much fanart and doujinshi that has Vincent as this weepy bottom character who needs to be held and coddled and have his tears wiped away, but no. No. Vincent is a badass with a hand!claw, he is not a teary lump of helpless. The fact that fandom has him bottom so much bothers me, too. Given Vincent’s previous experiences in life and at the hands of Hojo, never mind the beasts inside him, it’s more likely that he would instinctually rebel against the very idea of anyone having control over him, even during sex. D:

    … I apply too much psychology to my fandom.

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