Brick Red

Gundam Wing. Zechs/Noin. NC-17. ~1800 words. Futurefic.

Zechs and Noin on Mars.

Brick Red

Warm night air slipped through the vents. It was a comfortable heat and made Zechs drowsy. He closed his eyes, stretching lazily, his long arms pulling the muscles of his chest taut against his ribs. Drawing in a deep breath, he savored the subtle scents that lingered in the air. Lavender and lilac. Sandalwood and sex.

With a slight smile on his thin lips, Zechs sprawled in the sweat-damp tangle of sheets. The cotton felt smooth against his skin, but it couldn’t match the softness of Noin’s thighs when she had wrapped her legs around him.

“Mmm…” Coming from the doorway, the sound was halfway to a sigh. Zechs laced his hands behind his neck, raising his head a few inches from the pillow to run an appreciative eye over Noin’s silhouette. She was wearing his shirt. Too large on her, the thin cotton was buttoned unevenly and hung at strange angles. Her weight was slung on her left hip, and the light from the hallway shone through the fabric, outlining the curves of her body.

“Come back to bed,” Zechs said.

“In a minute,” Noin replied. She tilted her head to the side and pressed the neck of a freshly opened beer bottle against her throat.

Zechs murmured when she raised an arm to run her fingers through her hair. The hem of the shirt inched upwards and he caught a glimpse of the shadowed peak of her thighs. “Never mind,” he said, rolling onto his side and propping himself up on one elbow to admire the woman who had captured his heart. “Keep that arm up and you can stay there as long as you like.”

“I always thought you were a gentleman,” Noin said. Zechs could barely make out a smile under the shadows cast across her face.

“I always thought you were a virgin,” he replied bluntly.

Not offended in the least, Noin chuckled throatily and took a sip of beer before she padded towards the bed. The lush carpet was cool under her toes, and she blithely ignored that she was probably getting dust on her feet. The brick red fibers excelled at hiding the rust-coloured dirt that was everywhere on this planet. “Disappointed that I didn’t save myself for you?” Noin said. She stopped a foot away from Zechs and offered the bottle to him.

“If by disappointed, you mean relieved,” he said. Zechs scooted over, careful not to put a hand down on his hair, and swung his legs over the edge of the mattress. He took the beer with a nod of thanks and put it to his lips. The liquid felt deliciously cold as it slid down his throat.

“Relieved?” Noin asked. She moved in front of Zechs and brushed back the fringe of pale blonde hair falling over his eyes.

“There’s something to be said about a woman who is comfortable with herself as a sexual being,” he said. Without taking his eyes off Noin, he reached around her and set the half-empty bottle down on the bedside table, pushing it back with his fingertips until he was certain it wouldn’t be easily knocked over. “Besides, I think I’d question your sanity if you were that hung up on me.”

Noin chuckled and stepped forward to stand with one leg between his. She draped her arms loosely over his broad shoulders. “My sanity, huh? ” she murmured. Her breasts swelled beneath the thin cotton shirt with every breath and she began to sway her hips slowly from side to side. “Well, I am crazy about you.”

“If you keep that up,” Zechs said, dipping his head down to rub his lips against the dusky, tantalizing shadow of a nipple. “You’re going to drive me crazy.” They had been not-quite friends and not-quite anything more for as long as Zechs could remember, and although their foray into dating had been going well the past couple months, he privately marveled at how comfortable he was with her at this level of intimacy. It was a welcome surprise after his last few relationships had crashed and burned so spectacularly once they’d gotten to the stay for breakfast stage.

“You’d look good in a straightjacket,” Noin murmured. She slid her hands into Zechs’s hair, and scratched lightly at his scalp, luxuriating in the feel of the heavy silken strands tickling between her fingers.

Zechs grasped the sides of her trim waist and rubbed his thumbs in small circles at the swell of her ribs. He pulled Noin down to straddle his thigh and groaned softly when she pressed her body eagerly against his. She rocked herself against his leg and put her mouth to his ear, marking a wet trail around the curving ridges with her tongue until she got to his earlobe. With a small moan, Noin took the soft bit of flesh between her lips and suckled gently. Zechs shivered as her lips continued on from his ear to the column of his neck, and Noin’s warm breath spread across his skin as he undid the buttons of her borrowed shirt.

Noin had beautiful breasts. They were not so large that they spilled out of his hands, and rested high and firm on her athletic body. Zechs ran his knuckles along the undersides of her breasts, enjoying the velvet feel of her skin. She trembled at his touch and he took a turn at running his lips against her neck. When he moved to brush the pad of his thumb against her stiff nipples, he could feel the low moan echoing out of her throat.

He had planned to restrain himself and take things slower this time, but when Noin pulled away with a soft hiss, Zechs’s willpower evaporated. He wrapped his arms around her and twirled her around, tossing her on the bed and crawling up to plant a flurry of kisses against her collarbone. Noin gasped and her dark eyes sparkled as Zechs rose up on his hands and hovered over her, his long blonde hair falling around them.

She cupped his face with her hands. He’d shaved that morning and there was only a faint rasp as she slid her fingers into his hair again. “If you’re going to be on top,” she said, “you’d better do something about all of this.”

“Don’t have a hair tie,” he replied. “You,” Zechs nibbled the inside of her arm for emphasis, “flung it across the room when you insisted I leave my hair down…remember?”

“I choose not to.”

Laughing, Zechs shook his head, and his blue eyes were birght as he dipped down to give Noin a quick kiss on the forehead. He sat back on his heels to gather up his hair and knot it into an impromptu ponytail. He arched a thin brow and gestured at the fix. “Better?”

“That won’t last long,” Noin said, grinning impishly.

On cue, wisps of Zechs’s hair worked free.

Zechs mock growled and slapped Noin on the hip, “On your side then, impudent woman.”

Noin’s grin widened and she twisted lazily onto her side. Zechs lay down behind her, and she curved against him. She could feel Zechs’s erection, hot and hard as the rest of his lean body, and with a quiet moan, Noin reached between her legs to guide his cock into her.

Zechs’s hand found Noin’s breasts again and he splayed his fingers to toy with the both of them. Noin was wet and the head of Zechs’s cock slipped inside her easily. One quick thrust and he was seated fully inside the heat of her body. Noin moaned and arched her spine, and he muffled his answering cry of pleasure against her shoulder. It was difficult enough with any woman not to just thrust wildly and come as swiftly as possible, but when Noin rocked back against him and her tits bounced in his hands, it took every ounce of control he had to hold back.

Trying not to lose himself in the slick, blissful heat of his lover’s body, Zechs licked the fine hairs at the base of her neck. He tasted a bit of sweat leftover from their more frenzied lovemaking and settled into a rhythm as he explored her smooth back with his lips. When his mouth grazed a spot near her spine, Noin swore and squirmed and Zechs concentrated his attention there as he toyed with her nipples.

“Fuck! Zechs! D-d-damnit!” Noin writhed as he tugged at her nipples and continued to abuse the spot he discovered. “N-no, don’t stop. Fuck!”

Zechs wasn’t sure what turned him on more, the way Noin bucked and shuddered, or that he was causing it. He slid his hand down her stomach and let it rest lightly over where her own hand worked between her thighs. “How close are you?” he asked, giving her a brief respite from the flurry of sadistic little nibbling kisses.

Noin grabbed his wrist and guided his hand to her clit. Her fingers dug into Zechs’s arm and he got an answer a moment later as he felt the muscles of her body clench around his cock. He moaned as the waves of Noin’s orgasm made her tremble and he panted into her hair as a few quick thrusts brought about his own.

“Fuck…” Noin said in a ragged whisper when Zechs rolled away from her. The warm, wet rush of his come leaked out between her legs, and Noin stretched her arms above her head. Unlike the sheets beneath her, the pillows were still cool and Noin closed her eyes with a happy sigh. “Fuck yes…”

She heard the scrape of glass against wood and waited patiently for Zechs to take a swallow before sitting up and demanding he hand it over. The beer wasn’t quite as cold as it had been, but it was still refreshing and Noin passed the bottle back empty.

“Three times a charm?” she suggested with a lazy wink.

Zechs put the bottle back on the endtable and scooted to the far side of the bed. He smirked and pulled Noin over to where the sheets were still clean. “I take back what I said earlier. A blushing virgin wouldn’t be this insatiable.”

“What happened to all that endurance you received such high marks for at the Academy?”

“I’m not a teenager anymore,” Zechs replied. “Besides,” he said, as she wormed a leg between his, “we both know you always held back when we were running laps.”

“And to think, I always felt I disguised my talents rather well,” Noin said sleepily, as she pillowed her head on his chest. “I suppose it’s just something we’ll have to work on.”

“Your skills at subterfuge? Or my lack of stamina?”

“Both, of course.”

“Of course.”



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