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[FIC] Wicked on the Edges

Written for the original blindfold_spn, for the prompt: Jared/Jeffrey – top!Jared, established relationship, set-of-Watchmen!porn. Jared just can’t get enough of the way Jeff looks dressed as the Comedian. Leather gloves, cigars, dirty talk; bonus points for Jeff being a complete and utter slut.

Supernatural RPS. Jeff/Jared. NC-17. 1300 words. Costume perving.

Jared visits Jeff on the set of Watchmen and it turns out he’s got a bit of a thing for the Comedian’s outfit.

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[FIC] Hugh Jackman is a robot, or possibly the devil

X-men RPS. Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber. NC-17. 2800 words. Some spanking, some perving on Liev’s chops, a goodly amount of taunting, and implied poly relationships. For the teasing spot on my kink_bingo card.

“You win,” Liev says, “I give up. This is me giving up.”

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