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[FIC] Born From It

Written for a Dean&Benny bloodlust prompt in the 2012 Supernatural Rarepair Shipfest.

Supernatural. Dean&Benny. R. ~800 words. Violence.

The closest he gets is that it’s hunting at its finest. There’s no need to worry about the innocent or of making too much of a scene; he can do what he’s good at and the only black mark is if Cas will see what this place is turning him into.

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[FIC] How to Succeed in Business

Written for the 2012 Supernatural Rarepair Shipfest.

Supernatural. Dean/Crowley. Dean/Sam hints. Series canon AU (It’s a Terrible Life). Dubious consent due to identity (Dean doesn’t know Crowley’s a demon). Facefucking, deepthroating.

It’s happy hour and a stranger in a very nice suit buys Dean the most expensive drink he’s ever had. The guy has something else on his mind besides making a single serving friend, and it turns out he’s in sales too. (It’s a Terrible Life verse.)

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[ART] To Fall So Far and Rise So High

Two things: First, fallen angels are delicious. Second, I have a new job which is treating me fabulously and actually restoring my free time and energy so I’ll likely be refreshing this site again. I’m trying to crosspost everywhere at a reasonable rate, but just for the record, other places you can find my art/writing/fanworks: ponderosa @Dreamwidth, ponderosa121 @tumblr, ponderosa @AO3, ponderosa121 @Y!Gallery (the most iffy, since I frequently give up with their insane rules and don’t post for 8 months).

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley.