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[ART] Yohji/Aya – commission

After tossing in a sketch with the last commission I did for white_cross_b@lj, she asked me if I wouldn’t mind colouring the sketch. So, here it is all cleaned up and coloured. I’m especially happy with the hair colour, as sometimes it’s tough for me to get Yohji’s hair to a tone I really like. Also…I think this is the first time I’ve ever actually drawn them both without their clothes falling off!

Weiss Kreuz. Yohji/Aya. G.

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[ART] Touching Heaven – commission

I’ve finished a commission, yay! For white_cross_b@lj, whom I accidentally caused a bit of a snafu for by granting permission for her to use a different Yohji/Aya commission in her layout. I offered her a freebie as apology, but she insisted on a proper commission, and has graciously agreed for the image to be licensed creative commons.

Weiss Kreuz. Yohji/Aya. PG-13.

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