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[ART] Gideon

Gideon is one of the main characters in the historical novel my girlfriend is writing. He ended up with a resemblance that I wasn’t aiming for originally, but I like it. Drew this pretty quickly and extended the canvas downwards so the anatomy is a bit crap, but I learned quite a bit fooling around with this, especially as far as painting hair goes. Also I shocked myself once I realised I drew this in about an hour. Level up!

Original. Gideon. PG.

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[ART] Frankie’s Still a Mouser

I haven’t drawn a catboy in forever.

Was doodling playing with more cartoon styles and reverted a bit more to my own style. I don’t know what the market is for amputee catboys in skirts who like to eat mice, but here’s one for ya’ll. His name is Frankie. :3

Original. Frankie. PG-13. Amputee. Mouse-eating. Crossdressing.

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[ART] Brainpan, One More Robot webcomic

I’m drawing for a webcomic called One More Robot. The first comic is up, the next should follow in a few days. Zombies, robots, the occasional kitten and whatever amuses myself and the other writers. Updates aren’t on a fixed schedule, but expect a comic every 5-9 days. Updates can be followed at Twitter via 1mr!

In celebration, here’s one of the character promos I did. Some of you may have seen this ages ago, but it’s all tidied up now…

One More Robot. Brainpan. G.

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