Chroma Key Blue

Fullmetal Alchemist. Hughes/Roy. R. 5 x 100 words. Co-authored with Blue Soaring.

Maes Hughes is annoying. He’s nosey, and obnoxious, and refuses to leave Roy alone.

Chroma Key Blue

1. Misconception

Maes Hughes is annoying. He’s nosey, and obnoxious, and refuses to leave Roy alone.

“Now what do you want?” Roy stands just inside his small room, arms folded. The door is most certainly not open wide in invitation.

Hughes isn’t deterred. He props an arm on the doorframe, leaning in close enough that Roy can smell liquor faint on his breath. He smiles broadly.

“To give you something.”

For a moment, heartbeat-quick, Roy panics. Hughes is touchy-feely. Hughes is close enough to kiss him.

“Happy birthday,” Hughes says, and thrusts a small giftbox with a blue ribbon at his chest.

2. Misadventure

“No flowers?” Roy asks.

“No candy?” Hughes counters.

Hughes loops a scarf the same colour as the sky around Roy’s neck. He flips the frayed end of it into Roy’s face. “Happy now?” he asks.

A smile trembles to life at the corners of Roy’s mouth.

3. Misconduct

Cold hands press to warm skin. Roy muffles a sound in his pillow.

He’d been falling asleep on his books ten minutes earlier. Had been dreaming a moment before. Now he’s more than awake—he’s charged up and tingling, and those chill fingers draw fire in their wake.

Hughes’s new set of dress blues are shoved down around his knees. The bedframe creaks as his weight settles over Roy. His breath is hot on the back of Roy’s neck, and he smells like cigarettes and snow.

Roy shivers, squeezes his legs together, and moans as Hughes fucks his thighs

4. Mistrust

The room still holds all of his possessions, but it looks empty now. It is scrubbed clean and freshly painted. There is nothing on the walls except a calendar, nothing on the floor except the small, patterned rug his mother had given him as a housewarming gift.

Hughes has taken care of the buckets and diagrams, the texts Roy had borrowed or bought. All that is left is a tattered blue notebook.

Hughes hands it over. Roy runs his fingers over the stains on the cover. His theory is solid.

Taking a deep breath, he strikes one of Hughes’s matches.

5. Misunderstanding

Something borrowed, something blue…. Roy brings Gracia the ribbon from the cedar box in his closet. The same ribbon he’s kept since the day he turned nineteen.

The ceremony is beautiful. Hughes can’t stop grinning. Roy manages not to forget his speech.

Gracia pulls Roy aside when the guests have thinned. She draws the ribbon out of her hair and looks at him solemnly. His fingers tremble as she catches his hand in hers.

She ties it around his wrist. She kisses his cheek.

“Nothing will change,” she says.

Roy knows it already has. Smiling, he leads her to dance.



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