[FIC] Liberties Too Dangerous

Written for porn_battle, for the prompt: Stryker/Victor, always about Logan.

X-men Origins:Wolverine. Stryker/Victor, Victor/Logan. R. ~250 words. Substitution Sex.

Like any animal, Victor’s needs are simple.

Liberties too Dangerous

Stryker’s hand hovers above the broad stretch of Victor’s naked back. There are scars, faint ones, so old that they must’ve bitten into his flesh when he was still a boy. Long and straight, born from a whip or a belt, Stryker guesses, and slowly he curls his fingers and resists the touch. He resists a lot when it comes to Victor; some liberties are too dangerous to take. What a pleasant surprise that Victor had come begging for this one.

Victor is tight around him, fucking back against his cock when the slam of his hips goes still and he savours the raw strength contained and trembling, bent double for him. Victor’s claws ruin the sheets, dangerous even on his short leash, but so very easy to control.

He wants to ask if this how it always was between the two of them, or if taking it face down makes it that much easier to pretend. Victor’s growl is muffled in the pillow, the muscles in his back and arms shifting, a map of tension that leads, as it always does, to Logan. Like any animal, Victor’s needs are simple.

Stryker curls forward, sinking deep until he’s pressed snug against Victor’s ass. “Good boy,” he says, and bites back the moan at Victor’s sudden and violent thrashing. “You’ll have him again soon enough.”



2 thoughts on “[FIC] Liberties Too Dangerous

  1. AnonGrimm

    I love this fic! My only wish is for it to be longer. I see the prison scene in my head when I read this, when Stryker calls Victor and Logan “valuable”. Logan scoffs but there is a shocked and then hungry look on Victor’s face. It’s easy to see how Stryker could manipulate Victor. And of course, Vic plays at not caring what others think of him, but deep down, I believe he wants to be seen as more than a monster.

    Oh, and this scene is hot! The barely controlled power beneath Stryker, and how he respects it is stunning; especially since he doesn’t give many mutants any respect at all. – Anon

  2. Wolverineforever

    Brilliant! I like how Victor seems to take Wolverine almost as bait, and the way Stryker seems to know this and use it to his own advantage.

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