Final Fantasy X. Isaaru/Maroda. PG-13. 100 words.



The weight of Isaaru’s head has put his leg to sleep. “I won’t hate you if you decide to give up, you know,” Maroda says. He draws the hair away from his brother’s face with shaky fingers.

Isaaru laughs quietly. The sound echoes in this place. One slender hand lifts to curl against Maroda’s cheek. “Do you want me to give up?” Isaaru asks.

Maroda’s tongue refuses him; he nods in silence.

“You love me too much,” Isaaru says, and fear clutches like Shiva’s hand around Maroda’s heart. “When we are free of here, do not hate me for continuing.”



One thought on “Hatred

  1. dior_anghel

    Lovely. This breaks my heart, because as much as Maroda must be proud of his brother, I’m sure he doesn’t like it one bit. The dialogue is perfect, here. Well done.

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