Destiny Interrupted Banners

Right-click save to use any of these banners. Direct linking may lead to broken images since I rotate the banners as I produce new artwork!

spn link banner with sam and dean

ff7 link banner with renopotc link banner with jack sparrow

gw link banner with duo and heerogw link banner with trowa

hp link banner with snapehp link banner with draco

Recommended Fanworks Sites to Visit

link banner to idlehands – X-Men, SPN, FF7, HP, GW.
link banner to lizard junk – HP, POTC.
link banner to a little piece of gundam wing – GW.
link banner to shinigami and wing – GW (1x2x1)
link banner to moments of rapture – GW (1x2x1)

7 thoughts on “Links

  1. Eddy

    I was just wondering if you were going to post some of your older FFVIII artwork here? Love you Squall and Seifers.


  2. Pond Post author

    I’m not sure when I’ll get them back up again since many of them are commissions which I need to get permission to change the licensing on before re-releasing. I’m working on that, though!

  3. R. Wright

    I’m glad to see you have a website. I’ve been following your work since early 2000 (your Gundam Wing stuff still blows my mind), so I’m a big fan. Glad to see you’re still making wonderful art and writing excellent fiction.

  4. Lee

    I think your work was always passionate and artistic, with a certain elegance and refined feel to it. Though where’s your old fanart stuff? Like your rough sketches and things, specifically, you drew a picture of Itachi from Naruto that completely amazed me, I remember, but I can’t find it. Your new site has a difficult navigation.

  5. Kelley

    Hi! I first of all would like to gush emphatically about the quality of your art. Everything I see takes my breath away, specifically your Snarry and Supernatural.

    It’s utterly beautiful.

    Secondly, I was wondering if you planned on doing any Dean/Castiel art or even just Castiel. I would love to see how you portray him…and Dean/Castiel is fast becoming a love of mine right behind Sam/Dean.

  6. Asskisser

    great website you have there! I love the design and the concept. Slash pairings-sites are hard to find, so I am glad I found yours. I am absolutely in SLASH-US_FILMS :D But most Slash Pairings come from anime series.
    Hooray for Supernatural and Boondock Saints Slash! Hahaha!

    Keep up this site!

  7. mjules

    Oh my! I can’t believe I haven’t tracked you down to here before now. (Not that you remember me; it’s been a while. *laughs*) Anyway, glad to see you’re here! How often do you do commissions, dear? And would you be interested in doing a cover for an original novel sometime? *curious*

    Anyway, glad I stumbled across you again. *bookmarks happily*

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