7 thoughts on “open queue

  1. Yuna

    I was all excited when I saw this post, even more as I read on. And then… $50 slammed into me like a brick wall. Haha. There goes my request. ^.^;;

  2. Pond Post author

    ^^; My rate is pretty reasonable in comparison to some fanartists, but I still wish I could charge what I did six years ago. Sadly, I just don’t have as much time to spare to offset the cost. If I get on a good schedule of finishing commissions, I’ll open up a slot or two for barter or trade again.

  3. Nite_Owl

    Same here. No way I have $50 to spend :o I’ll just have to hope something good comes out of the commissions that got through :)

  4. Yuna

    Oh I understand and I do think its a fair price. I’m not upset or anything. Gotta earn what you can, right? =) I’m just broke as a joke so I’ll up for a barter/trade thing later on.

  5. Rose

    Wow, I’m simply amazed by your gallery/art blog–you really have an amazing range of characters you draw! I doubt you’ll be open for Commissions anytime soon but if you ever are again I would love to commission you.

  6. Farfarello

    Want, want, want, want! ;_;
    Oh I would so LOVE to get a commission that’s done by you.

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