Gotham Fic – Could’ve Been a Porn Star

Gotham. Jim Gordon/Harvey Bullock. 3500 words. Explicit.
Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics. Mating Cycles/In Heat. Knotting. Trapped In Elevator. Elevator Sex. Intersex. Body Image. Infertility.
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“That’s the spirit,” Harvey said, as Jim tasted his pulse. “I’m primed and ready to go, big boy. It’s been a while for me too, but you know how it goes: it’s just like riding a horse.”

“Bicycle,” Jim snarled. “Like riding a bicycle.”

Written for this prompt on the Gotham kink meme.
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Gotham Fic – More Than the Help

Gotham. Jim Gordon/Alfred Pennyworth. 4300 words. Explicit.
Car sex. Drunken sex. Safer Sex. Bisexual male character.
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“Not a very respectable place for a police detective, is it.”

Alfred’s tone is undeservedly harsh; Rocco’s isn’t that much of a dive. In his shirtsleeves and tie, Jim doesn’t stand out in here. Alfred on the other hand, in his three-piece suit with an overcoat draped over his arm, is busy earning himself more than his fair share of appraising glances.

Written for this prompt on one of the Gotham kink memes: “I’ve got a soft spot for Alfred’s clothes. So here we go, make it wild, horny, sweet, …I’m not picky.”

Recent episodes conveniently un-Jossed this, yay. Note: ‘Daddy’ is used sexually in this.

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Gotham Fic – It Ain’t Rocket Science

Gotham. Jim Gordon/Harvey Bullock. 3000 words. Explicit.
First Time. Hand Jobs. Trans Male Character. Trans!Jim. Coming Out. Derogatory Language. Slurs. Bisexual Male Character.
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Jim weighs his options, ‘cause a growing part of him wants Harvey to know. To have someone in this city other than Barbara know, someone who he cares about–even if he kind of hates to admit how much he cares about Harvey-fucking-Bullock–would make him feel a little less alone.

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