Gotham Fic – Million Dollar Question

Gotham. Jim Gordon/Barbara Kean/Alfred Pennyworth. 4300 words. Explicit.
Threesome – F/M/M. Polyamory. Bisexual Male Character. Canon Bisexual Female Character. Cunnilingus. Blow Jobs. Shameless Smut. Drinking.
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In which Jim invites Alfred and Bruce over to Barbara’s place for dinner and board games–something normal, a welcome distraction–but the evening turns out feeling more like a date than anything, Bruce falls dead asleep on the couch, and Barbara is not entirely sorry to have to inform Jim that he has a type.

tl;dr summary = threesome in the kitchen.

I started writing this after Episode 1&2, so this is pretty much my ideal Jim & Barbara relationship with none of the secretive relationship history and all of the healthy poly hookups.

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