[sketch] Gundam Wing 123

Gundam Wing. Assorted. G.

My husband has been doing a drawing a day for over two months now. No matter how tired he is, he does at least a tiny sketch. I’m inspired by him and giving it a go. Earlier tonight at the wacom workshop at school I was working on an anime styled Commissioner Gordon. I feel like I’ve forgotten how to draw in an anime/manga style lately, so once again I’m going back to my roots. Pretty happy with the results so far!

9 thoughts on “[sketch] Gundam Wing 123

  1. thor

    i’ve known of you for quite some time, now. unfortunately, life has interfered with the idyllic world that ive created in my head, so im unable to say ive FOLLOWED you for all these years.

    that said, since i have a few moments, i’d like to say a few things. first, i read you Pumpkin Pie fic and decided to execute it with my boyfriend. he didnt know i was following the fic, however. and, in reality, the events that transpired only loosely correlated with the writing. though, the substantive portions were followed, and thats really all that matters, isnt it?

    the second thing is that during one of our first 2×1 RPs, my boyfriend, used to the idea of 1×2, became coonfused as to who was whom, and in the middle of eveything, called out his own name. its perhaps my fondest awkward, WTF???! moments.

    The third, and final thing is my disappointment that all the GW art from your previous site is missing from this one. or, at the very least, im unable to find heero on his back at the edge of a pool with duo enjoying a treat.

    that last part, though, doesnt change my love for you in the slightest.

  2. Jennifer

    I’m a really recent fan of your work, i was on 1x2x1.org and got directed to your site. I’m really anxious to see more or your work!

  3. Pond Post author

    Aw man, thanks so much for dropping a comment.

    I promise (cross my heart) to work on getting all my older images up this summer. Part of it will be licensing issues, as I need to contact the original people who had commissioned me on several pieces as to whether or not I can post their commissions as creative commons. They might not be linked here on the main site due to time, but they’ll be up in the base gallery which you can get to from the link in the sidebar.

  4. Pond Post author

    Thank you! I haven’t been too active in GW for a while, but I do still poke at it here and there!

  5. Iria

    Oh my goodness! I should have commented sooner. I just love you style of the Gundam Wing characters. So beautifu!

  6. Meanne77

    Oh God, where has all your GW art gone too?? T_T I wanted to check if maybe you’ve drawn some more since the last time I checked (which… takes me way back) but everything has disappeared! So sad…

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