Black Cat. Charden/Kyouko. R. 200 words.

Kyouko likes milk too.


“He likes milk,” she informed him.

“Milk. Is that so?” Charden gathered Kyouko into his lap. Her legs spread comfortably over his thighs, skirt flaring out in a neat circle.

Kyouko nodded a yes. “I told him I had some.” Sticky with popsicle juice, her lips nudged against his for a kiss. “You feed me so much.”

“And you like it, don’t you.” Charden touched her jaw with the tip of two fingers and turned her head. He dragged an open-mouthed kiss down her cheek.

“Mmm,” Kyouko agreed, and she wound her arms around Charden’s shoulders. He licked at the pulse shivering in the slender column of her neck. “When he joins us, do you think he’ll share his milk with me?”

Charden’s hands smoothed down her back and tucked her closer. “He might,” he said, and he nipped and kissed at Kyouko’s throat until she was rocking herself against the bulge of his cock. “You’re that fond of him?”

A little burst of flame singed the hair curling near his ear. “Yes,” Kyouko breathed. And as her thighs squeezed tight against him, Charden knew before he slid a hand up under her skirt that her panties were soaked through.



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