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[FIC] how utterly thou hast murdered thyself

The Following. Joe Carroll/Ryan Hardy, mentions of Joe/Claire/Ryan and Claire/Ryan. NC-17. ~6100 words. Dubious consent due to identity issues.

It’s 2003 and Ryan’s not always good at following the Bureau’s rules, let alone his own, including the ones about sleeping with potential witnesses. Joe is extremely persuasive, and talks Ryan into having sex with Claire. Things don’t exactly happen that way, but why waste an opportunity….

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[FIC] How to Succeed in Business

Written for the 2012 Supernatural Rarepair Shipfest.

Supernatural. Dean/Crowley. Dean/Sam hints. Series canon AU (It’s a Terrible Life). Dubious consent due to identity (Dean doesn’t know Crowley’s a demon). Facefucking, deepthroating.

It’s happy hour and a stranger in a very nice suit buys Dean the most expensive drink he’s ever had. The guy has something else on his mind besides making a single serving friend, and it turns out he’s in sales too. (It’s a Terrible Life verse.)

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[ART] Sex Pollen

For the sex pollen square on my trope_bingo card. Not so much a kiss as John murmuring really filthy things to Rodney.

Stargate Atlantis. McShep.

I still don’t understand your face, John, but I will count this as mildly successful.

John getting hit with sex pollen and being all “Hey, Rodney, mumblemumble-filthy-something-or-other” is possibly my favorite thing ever. Followed by the moment when Rodney stops sputtering and remembers he’s the toppiest ever.