To the Virtuous

Gundam Wing. Zechs/Treize. PG-13. 400 words. Shades of D/s.

His heart raced, veins thick with adrenaline-laced blood.

To the Virtuous

Petals brushed soft as rabbit fur down Zechs’s cheek and scotch-warmed breath followed. His heart raced, veins thick with adrenaline-laced blood. Treize teased him with his nearness, and Zechs’s heart pounded harder, each slamming beat forcing fresh blood through the circuit of his extremities until every inch of his skin tingled and ached for touch.

He shifted his weight and Treize tracked the leap of his gaze to the clock affixed to the wall. “In a hurry?” Treize asked, his mouth drawing close to flirt at another kiss. Keeping the long stem of a blooming rose pinned loosely by his thumb, the knuckles of his gloved hand stroked lightly along Zechs’s jaw.

“As you are well aware, patience is, as ever, a virtue,” Treize added, sealing the veiled promise with a proper kiss. His mouth covered Zechs’s softly, tongue searching to part lips and teeth and dissolve the world beneath Zechs’s boots.

After remaining still for so long, Zechs lost ground, the nudge of Treize’s chest backing him up against the rich warmth of panelled wood. The rose’s sweet perfume added to the spin of Zechs’s head as fingertips worked under the weight of his hair. He tipped his head back, sacrificing the kiss if only to let his breaths deepen, draw into himself the delicate scents of flowers and soaps and well-polished leather that always lingered around Treize.

His eyes closed to slits, the room bathed in afternoon light reduced to a blur of reds and golds. Both of Treize’s hands were in his hair, smoothing the loose strands away from his face, holding them back so his face felt naked. Clipped thorns pricked his neck as another kiss drowned him. Treize’s thumbs pressed light near his temples and only the fingertips cradling his skull held him upright.

“I can only remain patient for so long,” Zechs gasped when Treize had his fill of kisses. One of Treize’s hands retreated, moved reverently down the front of his uniform and with deft flicks quickly found its way past buttons and layers to the flush heat of his skin. Zechs surged forward, pressing into the touch, Treize’s name a dewdrop clinging to his lips.

“Then it proves advantageous that I value stamina over tolerance,” Treize replied, and the fingers buried deep in Zechs’s hair tightened to keep his head back, his neck exposed.

Petals drifted to the floor. Zechs followed.



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